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titan_test's Journal

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Theme: Tiny Text
Due between: September 10 - September 17

Posting indicates that you have read the rules THOROUGHLY and that you understand them. Ask in a mod post if you do not understand anything, though I think they're pretty easy to follow.

1) Treat your fellow members and your mods with respect! Anyone found disrespecting another (on the community) will be removed from the community. This means dont call anyone names, mock their graphics, or begin fights within the community. If you have a problem with someone, take it somewhere else.

2) THIS IS NOT A REQUEST COMMUNITY OR A PUBLIC GRAPHICS JOURNAL!!! The only icons that are allowed to be posted here are icons that are specifically for the contest. Go to titan_graphics if you want to do that.

3) To affiliate with titan_test, comment in the affiliation post
with this:
Community name:
Theme/Basic Description:

It doesnt have to relate to Teen Titans, but it MOST CERTIANLY has to be a contest community.

4) Only the mods and banner makers need posting access, so please do not ask! You will get a firm "no".

1) Contests will be weekly, unless an extension is added. There will be a post about it if there is an extenstion.

2) The contests are based on either a brush, base, theme, or song given to you. There will be an example of what that means in the posts containing the week's contest info. If you do not follow the instructions, then you will be disqualified for that week.

3) When the submissions are in, you may vote. Then votes will be ranked into three places based on the number of votes each icon recives. The most votes gets first, second most gets second, and third most gets third.

4) Submissions are screened, and will not be seen by other members other than the mods.

1) You may start submitting after one of the mods posts the theme of the week. Submitting ends 7 days after the mod post (ex; Sun-Sun). After that, any late icons will be disqualified. This all goes by the main mod's timezone*, so if your're in a different time zone, please dont put up a fight.

2) You may submit up to two icons per contest. Perferably at the same time, please. That way we dont mix you up with another user or forget an icon.

3) Upload your icons to a reliable server like Photobucket or Imageshack. If your icon is not working when its time to put together the voting post, it will be disqualified.

4) When submitting, use the url with this code:

5) You may submit icons if you are a co-mod/banner maker as long as it is not your week to make banners.

1) Voting will start as soon as the voting post is up, and will end three days later (ex. Fri-Sun).

2) This rule used to say that you couldnt vote for your own icon, but since we still only have a few members and even fewer who submitted their icons, I think that temporarally--you are allowed to vote for ONE of your own icons. But only if you think it really deserves it.

3) Please dont vote for someone just because you're their friend; or not for someone just because you dont like them. Vote for who you think is the best!

4) Dont go around telling people to vote for your icons!

5) You dont have to be a member to vote

1) Going back to the harassing thing, THIS IS NOT ACCEPTED. If you think someone is harassing you, comment in the most recent mod post and it will be looked into.

2) Keep all the posts related to this community in this community. Dont send your icons to the mods personal journals or another community.

3) CREDIT EVERYTHING YOU TAKE!!!! Even if you and the maker are best buds, credit them! Taking icons from this community without credit, or crediting as your own (even worse) will result in expulsion from the community. If you see an icon in the voting posts, and you want to snag it, ask us in your vote for the makers name and you will get a reply. If someone has stolen your icon and you know of it, post to teentitan_theft.

1) If you lose, please dont comment with death threats or sob-stories. They will be deleted and, if neccessary, will result in expulsion.

2) When you pick up your banner, comment letting us know you've got it.

3) Save your banner to your own server! Banners will most likely be deleted from the server, but I will save them to by regular pictures incase you lose your banner by some incident.

4) If you're oober nice, you might want to credit the banner maker.

5) Wherever you post your banner, please put a link up to titan_test.


If you have to get ahold of a mod/banner maker, then contact them through:

Co Mod/Banner Maker: Becca
Personal Journal: triedtoholdonto
Icon Journal: fukikomu

Co Mod/Banner Maker: Mary
Personal Journal: tainee
Icon Journal: sakusei

Banner Maker: thundermint____
Personal Journal: thundermint____

Banner Maker: Nad
Personal Journal: sushiwitch
Icon Journal: tempuraicons

~Raven plush by raven353~
~Rules based on titan_icontest~
~*EST(UTC -5)~